Wico experts in process  automation and Electrical panels manufacturer


WICO was founded in 1997. It was initially aimed to the  Automation Process sector and the development of electronic equipment, after more than 15 years and with the aim of offering global solutions to our customers, we are growing, both as a human group as for the services we offer , making us one of the leading companies in the sector.




This multidisciplinary profile, allows us to provide global solutions to our customers, identifying and understanding their needs and offering them quality solutions incorporating the latest technological developments in their area of activity. Currently our services cover the following areas:
  • • Electrical Engineering in High and Low Voltage
  • • Electrical (HT, LT)
  • • Production of eléctrical fuse board Low Voltage. (Electrical fuse boards,Switchboards, CCM, control panels)
  • • Process automation
  • • Development of industrial and management software