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WICO have a highly qualified human team and our own electrical service panel construction and assembly workshopwith all necessary for the construction and testing of electrical panel boards.


Our services are not limited to the electric boards manufacturer, we offer a global service.


Revisión de la documentación aportada por el cliente-wico

Review of the technical documentation of the client

The documentation provided by customers is reviewed by our technicians in order to get the optimal solution, providing more effective suggestions for improvement functional and economic solutions

Documentation review is is key to avoid future budgetary slippages..

diseño cuadros electricos

Electrical panel boards desing

After the definition of the project we proceed through the preparation of the electrical panels desing and every documentation needed to manufacture the electric panel boards .

We are specialists at electrical panels designing with Eplan.

fabricación cuadros eléctricos industriales

Manufacturing of electrical board panels

The manufacture of cabinets it is always done based on the Technical documentation generated by our Electrical Engineering´s department and approved by the customer. From the technical office all parameters, sections of cables, bars, switchgear positions…, are defined

All manufacturer process is supervised by the technicians assigned to the project

Pruebas y ensayos cuadros eléctricos

Testing and trials

Are defined from the design phase control protocols to ensure quality of the final product or electrical panel. We do at least three inspections in the different manufacturing process, including tests FAT (insulation, stiffness, ..) according to applicable regulation in the destination country (IEC, UL ..) .

We could do additional studies (thermografies,study of land,… ) of the installation..

Documentación As-Built

Preparing As-Built documentation

After the FAT proceeds we prepare As-Built documentation, making in it the corrections required to be equal to manufactured electrical panels. This documentatation is attached with the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) test results into the switchboards.

We also attach the electrical panel CE certificate with the serial number.

transporte y montaje armarios eléctricos industriales

Transportation and Installation

We handle the transport of electrical panel boards on domestic or international shipments, adapting the packaging for the type of transport and conditions required for proper delivery of swithboards.

If required, installation and commissioning of electrical panels can also be provided

Our goal is to provide solutions to our customers

Improved service quality …..our daily goal.

Customer service and continuous improvement in the quality of our products are some of the key points of our company’s growth in recent years and has made more and more customers trust us.

We advise our clients in their projects, providing technical solutions and taking care of our customers need


All our products are manufactured submitted to severe quality controls.

Our company has been ISO 14.001 and ISO9001certified

Iso 9001-Wico certifiedIso 14001-Wico certified

Cuadros eléctricos Industriales -garantía de Calidad

We manufacture all kinds of electrical panel boards

We carry out turnkey projects

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cuadros eléctricos de control de motores-ccm

Motor Control Center Boards

We manufacturer all types motor control center (MCC) cabinets for industrial applications up to 7000 amps.

Cubicles adapted to many types of starting like direct starters, inverters, soft starters, frequency converters, etc…

Withdrawable Motor Control Centers (MCC)

We are certified by General Electrics as Motor Control Centers manufacturer with Withdrawable design (mod. Sem Plus)

We are Siemens´s partners as MCC S8 types manufacturers

Cuadros eléctricos generales

General low-voltage boards

Power distribution boards up to 7000 amp.

All types of busbars solutions

In accordance with the highest standards o security

Command and Control boards

Manufactured with any Plc brand

Cabinets can be supplied fully tested to the field terminal-

cuadros eléctricos control-mando
cuadros eléctricos-auxiliares

Electrical Boards for Auxiliary Services

Lighting panels, special electric switchboards (desk, consoles, switches…)

Making of electrical panel boards and installations offers

We offer any kind of electrical boards for industrial applications

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Our references in manufacturing of electrical panel boards