We have been working, for several years ,on projects and installations made outside Spain , keeping our dedication to provide an integral service to companies that trust us to implement their international proyects. Thus Wico is becoming one of the leading companies in its sector. We have worked doing different types of projects in countries such as :


  • Angola (Combined Cycle Power Plant in Futila)
  • Morocco (ONE renewal proyect hydroelectric plants)
  • Brazil (Sao Paulo Metro)
  • Portugal (Loading bays fuel in Lisbon and Oporto)
  • Romania (Water purification plant)
  • Crete (CCGT)
  • Ecuador (Water Treatment Plant in Loja)

Our office in Turkey

We would like to make Special mention to our business in Turkey where in 2012 we opened an office in Istanbul with vocation to offer our services locally in the country and in its area of influence , an area with a great potential for growth.  Currently We are working on the Marmaray project in Istanbul. This is a subway line with 20 stations being part of it underwater crossing the Sea of Marmara and connecting the two parts of the city . In this project we handle :


  • Manufacture and supply of remote acquisition ( 23 pitches )
  • Installation and wiring of them
  • Other owners
  • Communication with the host system / SCADA
  • Development of acquisition system :
  • - Protocolo IEC-104
  • - ModBUS TCP
  • - ModBUS RTU
  • - SNMP