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  • Regulation of the network pressure

    The regulation of the pressure of a fluent distribution network is an issue that happens in many different cases, such as; water, fuel, lubricant distribution networks. With this post, we want to help you to learn the common difficulties that happen in the automation of a network pressure regulation process; the regular calculations to be … Continue reading »

  • Electrical cabinets for an industrial freezing system delivered.

    electrical-cabinets-for industrial freezing system

    This week Wico has delivered the electrical cabinets for the phase 1 of an industrial freezing facility. Know the electrical cabinets for industrial freezing system These cabinets feed, protect and control the different equipment and sensors of an industrial freezing system. Data from pressure, temperature, etc. sensors gathered through a PLC gives us the necessary … Continue reading »

  • SCADA + PLC. The brain which controls the energy distribution in high speed railway lines.

    scada + plc . The brain which controls the energy distribution in high speed railway lines

    SCADA + PLC. Scada systems + PLC are key elements to warrantee the safety of energy supply in a high speed railway line.   Railway lines, each time more extended around the world, need a very demanding monitoring and control systems. These should ensure the energy supply and the correct functioning of the whole system, … Continue reading »

  • Scada system helps to improve your company…


    Implementing a Scada system helps to increase the productivity of industrial processes.   In Wico we´ve developed an infographic which can help you understand in a clear way how a Scada system works, and above all, up to what extent the implementation of a Scada control system can help in the industrial automation of processes. … Continue reading »

  • Electrical cabinets. Practical guide to control and monitoring

    higher rigidity and thermal isolation

    Guide to a quality control system for electrical cabinets.   In electrical cabinets, as with other products, it is important to have a quality assurance system. This system warrantees not only the quality of each individual cabinet but a uniform engineering, manufacturing and documentation standard for all cabinets delivered by the company. The quality assurance … Continue reading »

  • Wico blog – we are debuting

    wico blog - inauguration

    Wico blog. Welcome to our new blog. In Wico we are on celebration, we are starting a new blog we hope you like and, above all, you find it useful to answer some questions that arise frequently. With this blog we pretend to bring you the latest news related to industrial automation and electrical power … Continue reading »

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